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Brother Price
Rev Dr Yvonne Price

The Price Family has served the Los Angeles County area over 20 years. Feeding the hungry and providing programs to help communities across California.

Ordained and anointed organic from Watts California

Rev Dr Yvonne Price is fully aware of programs needed for the people seeing first hand how communities crumble without support, but flourish when available.

Married to her spouse Brother Price for 40 years serving God together we love each other and know the true meaning of forgiveness.

Brother Price says I married the gift and fully supports my wife journey as a servant of the Lord.I bless and thank every solider that helped her alone the way salute. A faithful servant and true prophetess I cover my wife with the holy blood of Jesus Christ to bless her. Dealing with the challenges of today require problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and willing to take a stand to make change for a better female and community. Donate Today! 

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